About Us

Two years ago, a talented team of M-Way engineers decided to jump into the blockchain adventure. To this day, our team has already created several blockchain projects and advised premium brands on how to get access to the different areas of blockchain economics.

M-Way Solutions, the company behind the Blockscape service, has more than 14 years of experience in mobile enterprise solutions, software, and product development. By combining many years of B2B experience, all of our know-how and skills, our deep understanding of various technologies, and our desire to innovate, we wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to the blockchain industry. With our knowledge and experience in managing software and hardware for large clients and our own in many industries, we knew we were able to come up with something truly unique.


We Believe in Cryptoeconomics and Decentralized Networks

Read more about what we do and our philosophy of how we plan to enable peer-to-peer collaboration on a large scale. Judge the work we've put in and the results we’ve achieved for other clients for yourself, and meet our highly experienced team who just loves cryptoeconomics.

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