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Stake and manage your assets on Ethereum and Cosmos-based chains with Blockscape and reap the fruits of our enterprise-grade infrastructure.

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Bridging crypto tokens allows you to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of different market opportunities.

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Stake with Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

Our multi-cloud Kubernetes setup ensures reliable staking with no incidents of slashing or downtime. Trust us to keep your assets safe and working for you.


All-in-one Portfolio Management

Manage all your staked and wallet-held assets in one place with Blockscape. Our intuitive dashboard offers easy access to staking activities, restaking, and auto-compounding features for Ethereum and Cosmos-based chains.

Audited by the Best

Our technical infrastructure has been audited by security and devops teams at the leading protocols, exchanges and custodians.

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Smart Chain Selection

Invest in the Best Blockchain Projects with Confidence. We analyze new use cases weekly to support the most promising blockchain projects. We are committed to maximizing value for our investors, communicating transparently and moving on to new opportunities that better align with our long-term vision.


Optimal Rewards

We use custom software to optimize rewards based on the unique dynamics of each chain or protocol we support.

Multi-Asset Reporting

Designed for fund admins and accountants, the block-level reporting is exportable, and includes all staking and delegation transactions.


Staking is the process of holding and securing cryptocurrency in a network to support its operations and earn rewards. 

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Control Your Stake

Ready to take control of your Ethereum staking? Stake with us and enjoy the benefits of a permissionless, non-custodial solution designed to put you in charge of your assets. Get started today with Validator Vault, the first in our series of staking products! 

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Staking with us on Cosmos chains provides our users with several advantages, including alignment with our values of self-custody and decentralized finance, as well as consistent rewards through our enterprise-grade infrastructure. Join us in building a more decentralized and interconnected future for blockchain technology.

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Sommelier Finance strategy Performance

Blockscape Allocates a Portion of Treasury into Real Yield USD

In this article, we are explaining our decision to allocate a portion of our treasury to the Real Yield USD strategy on Sommelier.

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Bitcoin on Cosmos

In this article, we explain the security risk of trusted setups like WBTC, and show you Nomic - a more trustless solution that works similarly to the externally verified bridge model the Gravity Bridge is using!

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Under the Bridge

Why secure Blockchain bridge architectures are important and Cosmos is leading when it comes to bridge security.

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